Pizza making!

Image of Pizza making!

Maple Class have prepared and cooked their own pizzas on the firepit this morning!

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Weeks 27, 28 & 29 in Beech Class

Image of Weeks 27, 28 & 29 in Beech Class

We have a lot to catch up on! The past few weeks have been so busy!
We have been practising lots of listening, listening to others and also identifying different sounds. We played sound bingo, where we listened carefully to different sounds and crossed them off our sheets when we heard them! We…

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Week 26

Image of Week 26

6 / 7

We’ve had such a fantastic first week back in Beech Class, I hope the children had a lovely week!
We have thought all about Beatrix Potter and her stories and even decorating our door just like Peter Rabbit! The children worked so hard collaging him, I am tempted to keep him on there…

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Week 25

Image of Week 25

Last week, we had 2 very special visitors. We had read stories all about Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and Peter Rabbit, and on Thursday morning they arrived! We had such a wonderful time meeting them, shaking their hand and giving them cuddles before they hopped off back to their homes. Thanks so much to Miss…

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Week 24 in Beech Class

Image of Week 24 in Beech Class

Last week, we made the most of the lovely weather by being outside as much as possible!
We enjoyed playing out on the bikes, using stop and go signs and just having lots of fun!
We had a great time in the forest, searching for tadpoles (but were a bit early) and found lots of different creatures…

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Week 23 in Beech Class

Image of Week 23 in Beech Class

This week, we have begun to look at height and length in our Maths learning. We have built towers with a differing amount of blocks with a set time to see who could make the tallest! We took turns jumping, starting at the same point and then measuring how long our jump was to see who could jump…

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Week 22 in Beech Class

Image of Week 22 in Beech Class

Last week, Beech Class were visited by Rev. Naomi who told us the story of Samuel anoints David. We acted it out and then made beautiful crafts all about how God looks at the heart rather than what’s on the outside.
We then recapped all of the numbers we have learnt, making different shapes from…

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Exploring Shabbat

Image of Exploring Shabbat

In RE, we have been learning about Shabbat - the Jewish day of rest to commemorate God resting on the 7th day. We have learnt about the traditions and have explored the traditional Shabbat meal.

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World Book Day fun!

Image of World Book Day fun!

We have been making our own monster bookmarks!

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The Daily Mile

Image of The Daily Mile

Today in PSHE, we have been learning about the government initiative 'The Daily Mile'. We then tried it out ourselves. Some of us loved it and others found it very tiring!

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Week 21 in Beech Class

Image of Week 21 in Beech Class

Our first week back!
We have continued thinking all about the number 5, thinking about how it looks and what different numbers make up the number 5! We used numicon to help us work out that the number 5 can be made up of lots of different numbers together!
We used number cards to tell us how…

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Investigating gravity!

Image of Investigating gravity!

Maple Class have started their learning about forces! We have been learning about gravity. We practically explored the connection between mass (g) and weight (N) using Newton meters.

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