NatWest Moneysense Workshop!

Image of NatWest Moneysense Workshop!

Today, we were visited by 2 workers from NatWest, who helped us to learn about fraud and identity theft. We took on the role of investigators as we explored various exhibits to identify where fraud had been committed. We then presented our findings to the class.

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Week 20 in Beech Class

Image of Week 20 in Beech Class

This week in Beech Class, we have learnt all about how we are unique. We are different from each other and we have been learning how that is great and how to embrace this! We have learnt all about our body, thinking about kind hands with each other. We have enjoyed stories, encouraged to look at…

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Week 19 in Beech Class

Image of Week 19 in Beech Class

We’ve had such a busy week, I’m not sure where to start!
We’ve been super lucky and had multiple visits from different people to enhance our ‘People who help us’ week which has led to lots of brilliant questions and learning!
We started off the week by a visit from the police, who told us how…

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Week 18 in Beech Class

Image of Week 18 in Beech Class

This week, we have had a focus on The Big Bird Week, Energy Saving and a little bit of thought on Burns Night.

We have played a recycling game where we all had a bin each and had to find what went into it (thanks Bodhi!) and also set up our own recycling station to categorise junk into!


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Week 17 in Beech Class

Image of Week 17 in Beech Class

What a cold but wonderful week!
We had so much fun playing in the snow (what was left of it!) and even had to break some of our toy animals out of ice! We built lots of towers, which led to the discussion of ‘can we make them bigger than Blackpool Tower?’, we certainly gave it a go! We followed…

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Hauling cargo!

Image of Hauling cargo!

We have further our learning of Captain Scott's expedition today. We learnt how Scott felt empathetic towards the dogs pulling the sleds, so himself and his team pulled the cargo themselves! We thought we would give this a go... so we piled a sledge full of things we thought we would take with us…

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Freeze Frames

Image of Freeze Frames

We have been freeze framing some action shots from Captain Scott and his team's expedition. Can you tell what the boys are doing?

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Week 16 in Beech Class

Image of Week 16 in Beech Class

What a busy, exciting first week back!
We have settled really well back into our routine and the children have been fantastic. We have done lots of number recognition and counting with a particular focus on the number 3.
We thought about New Year and resolutions with the children thinking of…

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Design and Technology

Image of Design and Technology

We had a great first lesson in our first design and technology lesson. We learnt about how to join two pieces of fabric together and trying out different ways to see which is best. This will help us when making our puppets in a few weeks. 

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Antarctic Explorers!

Image of Antarctic Explorers!

We have been in role as Antarctic explorers today! We have built shelters to keep us safe from an Antarctic blizzard, and even thought about ways to keep ourselves entertained whilst inside our shelters - ranging from painting, drums and even booby traps!

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Image of Art

Oak Class had a fab time using different skills to shape and form patterns with play dough! We can't wait to use these skills to make our animals out of clay. 

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Our Final Week before Christmas!

Image of Our Final Week before Christmas!

It was a week of firsts in our final week before Christmas! 
We attended our first school panto, our first celebration assembly (some of us even performed a dance in front of the whole school) and watched our first Rock Steady concert! 
We have been super busy making lots of Christmas crafts,…

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