Winter fun on the ice!

Image of Winter fun on the ice!

Today we had great fun at Lancaster On Ice! The children showed bravery, resilience and kindness. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Anti-bullying week!

Image of Anti-bullying week!

This week we have been focusing on anti-bullying through school. Year 6 have completed activities to help the explore bullying and the different ways it can happen. Here you can see some of Elm class creating their own bullying freeze frames.

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Lockerbie - Water activities

Image of Lockerbie - Water activities

Today we had fun in the water!

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Lockerbie - Fencing

Image of Lockerbie - Fencing

Today some of Elm class have been learning the skills needed for fencing. We have some very talented fencers!

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Lockerbie - climbing

Image of Lockerbie - climbing

We had a late night rock climbing tonight! Year 6 had to be brave and resilient in this activity. Great fun!

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Lockerbie - Rifling

Image of Lockerbie - Rifling

We got to learn how to aim and fire rifles today with many of Elm class managing to hit the targets! 

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World War 2 - Evacuation

Image of World War 2 - Evacuation

Elm class have been learning all about world war 2. To find out how the children must of felt during their evacuations, we experienced our very own. We got our suitcases and gas masks and lined up ready to be chosen by our new families (Mrs Gladwin and Mrs Adams)!

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Picture Frames

Image of Picture Frames

Practicing  knots and lashings to mount our natural paint art.

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Image of Dens

Can you create a safe bunker to hide?

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Image of Ivy

We shredded ivy leaves then boiled them on the fire and filtered the liquid to make washing soap. It made a smooth lather to wash with.

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Image of conkers

We ground the conkers to a fine powder to make washing soap for our dirty washing. WW2 washing was tough work.

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Image of Washing

Soap made from either ivy or conkers to find that washing in WW2 was really hard work.

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