Our School Council are elected at the start of the school year. Pupils put themselves forward and then the rest of the class vote to elect 2 councillors per class. The Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl are also on the School Council.

They meet each half-term to discuss ideas around fund-raising; areas of school improvement and to give Mrs Gladwin feedback on different aspects of school life. First they lead a class council meeting to collate ideas and thoughts from their class then take a summary to the School Council meeting.

Autumn2022 - Behaviour in school and reward systems

Actions as a result:

More toys and equipment outside at all breaks.

Construction of a welly wall to enable play on the grass in all weathers.

Reminder of the outdoor play behaviour agreement for all pupils.


Spring 2023 - Thoughts on marking and feedback

Actions as a result:

Teachers now use personalised stamps for marking and feedback.

Teachers use stickers to show that pupils have done well.

Teachers reward pupils with dojo points for their work.


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