Pizza making!

Image of Pizza making!

Maple Class have prepared and cooked their own pizzas on the firepit this morning!

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Exploring Shabbat

Image of Exploring Shabbat

In RE, we have been learning about Shabbat - the Jewish day of rest to commemorate God resting on the 7th day. We have learnt about the traditions and have explored the traditional Shabbat meal.

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World Book Day fun!

Image of World Book Day fun!

We have been making our own monster bookmarks!

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The Daily Mile

Image of The Daily Mile

Today in PSHE, we have been learning about the government initiative 'The Daily Mile'. We then tried it out ourselves. Some of us loved it and others found it very tiring!

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Investigating gravity!

Image of Investigating gravity!

Maple Class have started their learning about forces! We have been learning about gravity. We practically explored the connection between mass (g) and weight (N) using Newton meters.

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NatWest Moneysense Workshop!

Image of NatWest Moneysense Workshop!

Today, we were visited by 2 workers from NatWest, who helped us to learn about fraud and identity theft. We took on the role of investigators as we explored various exhibits to identify where fraud had been committed. We then presented our findings to the class.

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Hauling cargo!

Image of Hauling cargo!

We have further our learning of Captain Scott's expedition today. We learnt how Scott felt empathetic towards the dogs pulling the sleds, so himself and his team pulled the cargo themselves! We thought we would give this a go... so we piled a sledge full of things we thought we would take with us…

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Freeze Frames

Image of Freeze Frames

We have been freeze framing some action shots from Captain Scott and his team's expedition. Can you tell what the boys are doing?

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Antarctic Explorers!

Image of Antarctic Explorers!

We have been in role as Antarctic explorers today! We have built shelters to keep us safe from an Antarctic blizzard, and even thought about ways to keep ourselves entertained whilst inside our shelters - ranging from painting, drums and even booby traps!

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Shadow Puppets!

Image of Shadow Puppets!

Maple Class have spent time designing and making their very own shadow puppets! They were challenged to include different materials in their puppet - some that were opaque, some that were translucent and some that were transparent. We then tested them out to see how the different materials…

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Origami Christmas Trees!

Image of Origami Christmas Trees!

We have worked really hard this morning, taking our origami skills and knowledge to the next level to create our very own kirigami Christmas Trees! 

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Lancaster On Ice!

Image of Lancaster On Ice!

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils have visited Lancaster on Ice for an incredible ice skating lesson this morning! For some of our pupils, this was their first time ice skating - we made amazing progress and had lots of fun!!

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