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Key stage 2 comparative report 2023

This information allows you to compare your child’s performance at the end of key stage 2 with the attainment of other year 6 pupils in our school and across England.



Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard:

Preesall Fleetwood’s Charity School 2023




Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard:

Preesall Fleetwood’s Charity School 2022

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard nationally:


English Reading




English Spelling and Grammar








English Writing (teacher assessment)




















Performance data is available here: and for the school here:'s-charity-church-of-england-primary-school/primary

Inspection Reports


SIAMS inspection report

Pre School OFSETD report January 2020

Please note that should you require a paper copy of any of our Policies you can contact Mrs L Adams on 01253 810324 or simply call into the school office and a copy will be provided.

Marking and Feedback Policy

If you are worried that your child or another is being bullied, please be assured that we will always support children by taking concerns seriously and fully investigating any matters raised.

First point of contact would normally be the class teacher, because they have the best knowledge of children involved. Please read the policy for further information.

Anti-bullying Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Remote Learning Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Additional Policies

Keeping children safe in school is our main priority. We strive to educate children about all aspects of safety including online safety, road safety, personal safety, water safety and many more.

Our school's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs V Gladwin, and the backup DSLs are Mrs M Potter and Mrs L Adams. Any concerns about our pupils should be reported to one of the DSLs. We have a secure method of recording safeguarding concerns using a cloud based programme, CPOMS. 

As a school we closely follow, and adhere to, the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 document from the Department of Education and all staff and volunteers in school receive annual safeguarding training. 



Keeping Children Safe Online

We always do our best to include all children with every aspect of school life. Some children need more support than others so we work with parents to try to understand children as individuals and identify how to support them and how to challenge them to be the best they can be.

In this area of education there are a number of statutory documents which you can find here, plus the local SEN offer can be found her :

However, if you have concerns about your child, or if you are a parent considering whether or not our school would be the best school for your child then it is always best to talk to us at school. The key people to speak to are:

Mrs Gladwin - Headteacher

Mrs Potter - SENCO 

If you are unhappy about the support for your child or wish to make a complaint it would be best to speak first to the class teacher. If that does not resolve the issue then contact either the SENCO or the Head, Mrs Gladwin. If the issue is still unresolved you can get advice from the Lancashire SEND Information & Support Service by calling 03001236706. There is also a Lancashire website for SENDIASS via this link.

The documents:

SEN documents


Applying for place at our school during the school year (In-Year Admissions)


In Year Admissions are admissions to school that take place outside the normal admissions rounds (ie Reception and Year 7). If you are new to the area and require a school place, or if you already reside in the area and you want to move your child from their current local school to our school, your application should be made directly to our school and the child will be admitted where there are available places.

To apply for a place, complete our In-Year Admissions form, and return to:  If you would like your application to be considered under our faith criteria, in addition to the In Year Admissions form, please also complete a church reference form. Copies of both forms are available in the Admissions section of our website or from the school office.

If you have any questions in relation to in-year admissions, please contact us either by email at or by phone on 01253 810324. You may ring the school office to confirm that the form and accompanying evidence has been received. Your application will be acknowledged upon receipt and we will advise you of the outcome within a maximum of 15 school days. Where places are available, but we have more applications than places, the published oversubscription criteria will be applied, to ensure the correct child/children are offered the places.

If there are no places available, the child will be added to the waiting list and you have the right of appeal. Please see below for appeal information. Please note, that the waiting list does NOT guarantee a place at our school and if your child is currently not in education you should either make an appeal to our school and/or apply for a place at an alternative school. Further information on how to apply for a local school can be found on the Lancashire County Council website:


The school's admission appeals are supported by Lancashire County Council. If the Governing body cannot offer a school place, parents have the right to make an appeal. This appeal should be submitted using the link below within twenty days of refusal of admission. The appeal provides you with an opportunity to explain why you wish to register your child at our school. The appeal forms and advice on how to complete them is available on the Lancashire County Council website:

Lancashire County Council will contact you in respect of your appeal application and inform you of the arrangements. The outcome of the appeal will be notified to you in writing. The decision of the Independent Appeal Panel is binding to all parties, ie the family and the school. Please note that this right of appeal against the Governors’ decision does not prevent you from making an appeal in respect of any other school.

The admissions policy below explains how to apply for a place at our school. Please speak with the school office should you need any support, or have questions. 

Admissions Policy

If you are interested in a place at our school but have not seen us in action, please make an appointment to look round by calling 01253 810324 or email

Proposed Admissions Arrangements 2025

Please see the proposed Admissions Policy for the 2025 intake. This is out for consultation until 10/1/24 - any questions or opposition should be brought to Mrs V Gladwin via email - 

Admission Arrangements consultation (29/11/23 - 10/1/24)



Pupil Premium and Sports Premium funding

Please check these carefully so you do not accidentally book holidays during term time! Further information can be found here -


Term dates

We do not have any school employees who receive an annual salary of £100,000 or more.

Furter details of school finances can be found here -

School sweatshirts or cardigans and polo shirts embroidered with our school badge can be purchased from our school uniform stockist, Uniform and Leisurewear, on Church Street in Garstang. They also sell our PE t-shirt which is a red top with an embroidered school badge and our PE hoodie which is a red hooded top, also with an embroidered school badge.

Parents can also purchase items of uniform that do not have the school logo on if they prefer. Available from most uniform stockists or supermarkets.

All pupils:

White polo shirt, red sweatshirt or cardigan, black skirt or pinafore, black trousers, white or black socks or tights, black shoes.

PE: red t-shirt, black cycling shorts, joggers or leggings, black pumps, PE hoodie (optional)

Hair accessories should be minimal and in school colours (red, white or black). Earrings may be worn but they should be plain studs and need to be removed by the child for PE activities - not other jewellery is to be worn. All hair should be tied up where possible. 


Summer uniform can be worn after the Easter holidays for the summer term. This comprises of a red and white checked dress or black shorts with the white polo shirt and red sweatshirt or cardigan. 



Black school shoes are part of our uniform all year round - trainers are not allowed to be worn without prior consent from the Headteacher other than on PE days, or during break times (if required). 

Attendance Policy


Please note: the Department for Education has specific the rules regarding holidays in term time.

This policy outlines the current regulations, but in summary: if you take your  child out of school for a holiday or any other unauthorised circumstances, the Local Authority is likely to issue a fixed penalty fine!

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not an expected absence can be authorised, check at school before booking.

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