Natural paint

Image of Natural paint

We experimented with berries and mud to make paint.

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Ash Class 2020

Image of Ash Class 2020
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Image of Relaxation

Listening to and watching trees blowing in the breeze.

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Welcome to the Forest

Image of Welcome to the Forest

First Forest session of the new year.

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Tree Guardians

Image of Tree Guardians

Mud faces to guard the tree.

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What's going on this half term

Spring 1 Newsletter

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Autumn 2 Newsletter

Please have a look at our current newsletter below to find out what your child will be learning about from now until Christmas :) 

Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Fun Activities

Ash Class have settled really well.  They are playing great together and trying hard at all our fun activities.


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Image of Mindfulness

Today the children took a long look at themselves then focused on how special they are.  All they need to do to remember that proud feeling any time is to rub their thumb and forefinger together.

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Fruit Salads

Image of Fruit Salads

We have had great fun today making Fruit Salads.  We learned about how we keep our bodies healthy.  The best part was eating them!

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Mindfulness and Yoga

Image of Mindfulness and Yoga

Ash Class really enjoyed their Mindfulness and Yoga session this morning.  What a great way to start the week.

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Sea Life Centre/Lifeboat Station

Image of Sea Life Centre/Lifeboat Station

Ash Class and Pre School have had an amazing day today at Blackpool Sea Life Centre and the Lifeboat Station.  We learned so much and had lots of fun, especially seeing Mr Gee having water thrown at him!  The sun shone so we had a 10 minute play on the beach.



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