Easter Story

Image of Easter Story

Today we have acted out Palm Sunday and recreated the Last Supper.

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Image of Castle

We now have a castle in the classroom.  The children are extremely excited and are enjoying dressing up and designing shields.

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Pancakes in the Forest

Image of Pancakes in the Forest

We talked about Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent before cooking pancakes in the forest.

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Pancake Day

Image of Pancake Day

We listen to different pancake stories and rhymes.

We had fun finding out what we needed to make pancakes. Pancake tossing and racing was difficult.

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Image of Potatoes

Our potatoes are sat in our classroom 'chitting' so that they will be ready to plant.

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Puppet Theatre

Image of Puppet Theatre

There has been great excitement today.  We have a new puppet theatre which has proved to be very popular.

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Superhero Cuffs

Image of Superhero Cuffs

Ash Class have made amazing Superhero Cuffs. What's your superpower?


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Image of NSPCC Visit

Ann from the NSPCC called in today to speak to KS1 children about speaking out to stay safe.  


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Bouncing Skiils

Image of Bouncing Skiils


Ash Class have really improved their bouncing skills.

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Fundamental Movements

Image of Fundamental Movements

Ash Class have improved their bouncing skills, with the help of Mason from Fleetwood Town Community Trust.

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Playground Markings

Image of Playground Markings

Our playground is looking amazing. Look at our new markings.

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Practical Maths Fun

Image of Practical Maths Fun

The children have been looking around the classroom for objects to weigh.  They then balanced the scales using multi link blocks.

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