Image of Cafe

What's on the menu today?

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Forest ready

Image of Forest ready

Great listening to the sounds of the forest.

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Image of birds

We listened to the birds and watched them collecting twigs for their nests. Do you think our bird is happy with the nest we built?

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Image of spring

We can hear the sap rising in the trees as they begin to grow leaves again.

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Firepit repair

Image of Firepit repair

We made new seating for the firepit. We know how to use sharp tools and hammers safely.

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Image of Bulbs

All the children in school are planting gladioli bulbs. Thankyou to the late Mrs Williamson's family for donating the bulbs.

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Image of Diwali

Chapatti cooked and shared round the firepit. We discussed the fire and lights while sharing Indian food.

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Scavenger hunt

Image of Scavenger hunt

Great team work looking for treasure in the forest.

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Image of logs

We all tried the sharp saw to cut logs for the fire.

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Image of Balance

We made our own stepping stone across the mud . 

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Monkey in the forest

Image of Monkey in the forest

Children working together to design their own playground.

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Paint mixing

Image of Paint mixing

What colour shall we make ?

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