Image of logs

We all tried the sharp saw to cut logs for the fire.

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Image of Balance

We made our own stepping stone across the mud . 

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Monkey in the forest

Image of Monkey in the forest

Children working together to design their own playground.

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Paint mixing

Image of Paint mixing

What colour shall we make ?

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Natural paint

Image of Natural paint

We experimented with berries and mud to make paint.

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Ash Class 2020

Image of Ash Class 2020
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Image of Relaxation

Listening to and watching trees blowing in the breeze.

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Welcome to the Forest

Image of Welcome to the Forest

First Forest session of the new year.

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Tree Guardians

Image of Tree Guardians

Mud faces to guard the tree.

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What's going on this half term

Spring 1 Newsletter

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Autumn 2 Newsletter

Please have a look at our current newsletter below to find out what your child will be learning about from now until Christmas :) 

Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Fun Activities

Ash Class have settled really well.  They are playing great together and trying hard at all our fun activities.


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