Week 2 in Beech Class

Image of Week 2 in Beech Class

Another busy week in Beech Class!
We did lots of colour matching, yoga, copying numbers, finding letters, cutting, hiding bird feeders ready for winter, climbing and pouring water which had green colouring in!
Our target for next week is to be calm inside, thinking about sitting on the carpet to…

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Week 1 in Beech Class

Image of Week 1 in Beech Class

Wow, what an extremely busy first week in Beech Class we had!
There were plenty of cards made, mud pies created, friendships formed, balance beams walked across, lawn mowers excitedly watched, worship pebbles painted, snack eaten in the quiet, cool forest and most importantly: memories made!

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Chinese New Year

Image of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year buffet - special delivery from Canton House. What fun trying new foods.

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Image of Music

Exploring instruments from around the world.

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Image of Drummers

What fun - African drumming workshop. A little noisy!!

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Image of Twitchers?

How many birds will visit today?

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Balance bikes

Image of Balance bikes

Wow we can all balance and steer round the cones.

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Image of Builders

Careful hammering to start building a mini fence.

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Happy Birthday

Image of Happy Birthday

Great team work making a cake ready for a party in the forest.

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Keeping Safe

Image of Keeping Safe

We can move huge logs carefully to keep us safe.

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Mud Cakes

Image of Mud Cakes

A special birthday cake expertly decorated.

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The Three Pigs

Image of The Three Pigs

Retelling the story with our own endings- which house is the strongest?

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