Tool use

Image of Tool use

Great hand eye co ordination creating a fence.

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Three Pigs

Image of Three Pigs

If you go down to the Forest look out for the Three Pigs !

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Mark making

Image of Mark making

How many different marks can we make on a special box?

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Image of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Is the porridge too hot, too cold or just right?

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Image of strawberries

Mr Harrison gave us strawberry plants for our garden lets hope we get lots of juicy strawberries to try.

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wellie recycling

Image of wellie recycling

We have lots of wellingtons that we have grown out of so we are recycling them. Once the forest mud is washed off they make great planters for our flowers.

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Image of gym

We are all keeping fit on our new outdoor gym equipment. 

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Image of Frogspawn

We had an exciting visit to the pond to listen to the frogs croaking and look at the frogspawn. 'Its like jelly cold and wobbly'

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Image of chicks

We had very special visitors today. We all had to use quiet voices and gentle hands.

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Hot Cross Bun

Image of Hot Cross Bun

We all enjoyed our Easter snack. We talked about the cross on the top of the bun .

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Egg hunting

Image of Egg hunting

How many Easter eggs can we find in the Forest?

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Image of bikes

We have great fun developing our physicals skills while sharing with our friends.

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