Damper Bread

Image of Damper Bread

The bread without yeast was amazing. 

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Image of Whittling

Working together to make sticks to cook on.

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Sending hugs

Image of Sending hugs

This week year 6 have made hugs to send to people who are lonely during the pandemic! 

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WW2 artwork

Image of WW2 artwork

Year 6 have been painting some beautiful sunsets as part of the first step in their WW2 art projects. Great work!

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Apple harvest

Image of Apple harvest

We cooked our apples with sugar and cinnamon. They tasted amazing.

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WW2 den

Image of WW2 den

Can you find year 6 hiding?

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Image of Harvest

A beautiful harvest poem and prayer written by one of our year 6's and shared in church.  

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We harvested nettles to create our own string- that was really strong.

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Living in WW2

Image of Living in WW2

Year 6 spent Friday afternoon living like children during the war. We dug up, cooked and ate home grown potatoes. We also learnt songs from WW2 such as 'Run Rabbit'. 

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Image of Antiques

Year 6 got to look at real antiques from WW2 this week!

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A Little Visitor

Image of A Little Visitor

We had a lovely visitor in class today! What an exciting start to our english unit!

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Team Building

Image of Team Building

Fantastic working together to build a den with wind shield.

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