Problem solving

Image of Problem solving

The rain has made a river how can we divert it away from the firepit?

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The Plague - Drama

Image of The Plague - Drama

The children acted out events from the village of Eyam during The Plague.

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Harvest Worship - Water Aid

Image of Harvest Worship - Water Aid
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Worship: Thankful Hands

Image of Worship: Thankful Hands
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Number lines

Image of Number lines
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Looking After Our Community

Image of Looking After Our Community

Willow Class made cards of best wishes for people who might be feeling lonely in our community.

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English: Experience Day - Dog Visit

Image of English: Experience Day - Dog Visit
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Maths: Part-Whole Model

Image of Maths: Part-Whole Model
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Science: Living things and their environments

Image of Science: Living things and their environments

We searched for signs of Autumn and looked at different habitats in our local environment.

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Image of Maths

We looked at effective ways of counting objects. At first the children counted in ones but soon realised this was time-consuming and unreliable. They then began to group the objects to count them more efficiently and reliably.

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Our Class Reader

Image of Our Class Reader

The children chose their own class reading book, as a Christmas gift. This is the book they chose, a tale of a refugee who joins a class. The children in Willow are loving this tale, it is funny and sad at times too. We really value our time to read together and this story, set in London gives us…

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What do robots eat for breakfast?

Image of What do robots eat for breakfast?

As part of our launch for our ‘The Iron Man’ topic, we investigated whether or not we could extract the iron from breakfast cereal. We began by crushing cornflakes into a powder, and the dissolving in warm water. We then used magnets to try and draw out the iron. We discovered that this was…

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