Fine motor

Image of Fine motor

Lots of serious concentration trying to catch the melon seeds we found in our melon.

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Remote controls

Image of Remote controls

Who can follow the path with their remote car?

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Image of Pizza

We designed our own pizzas for snack after listening to pizza stories.

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Image of Snacktime

We listened to Oliver's Fruit Salad then created our own healthy fruit kebabs.

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Image of Bakers

We made our own bread for snack time. 

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Apple harvest

Image of Apple harvest

We cooked our apples with sugar and cinnamon. They tasted amazing.

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WW2 den

Image of WW2 den

Can you find year 6 hiding?

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Image of Balance

We made our own stepping stone across the mud . 

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Monkey in the forest

Image of Monkey in the forest

Children working together to design their own playground.

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Paint mixing

Image of Paint mixing

What colour shall we make ?

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Natural paint

Image of Natural paint

We experimented with berries and mud to make paint.

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Image of nettles

We all were very brave and tried the nettle crisps- some of went back for more they were so good!

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