Image of Weaving

Willow weaving to make a fence.

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Chinese New Year

Image of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year buffet - special delivery from Canton House. What fun trying new foods.

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Repeating pattern

Image of Repeating pattern

Lots of different materials in the forest to make repeating patterns.

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Image of Measuring

Can we order sticks by length?

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Image of Music

Exploring instruments from around the world.

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Image of Drummers

What fun - African drumming workshop. A little noisy!!

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Image of Twitchers?

How many birds will visit today?

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Scavenger hunt

Image of Scavenger hunt

Teams working together finding all the clues .

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Cosy den

Image of Cosy den

Cosy dens on a damp day.

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Picture Frames

Image of Picture Frames

Practicing  knots and lashings to mount our natural paint art.

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Balance bikes

Image of Balance bikes

Wow we can all balance and steer round the cones.

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Image of Builders

Careful hammering to start building a mini fence.

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