Leaf Kebab

Image of Leaf Kebab

Threading leaves onto sticks to count and make crowns.

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Image of Ivy

We shredded ivy leaves then boiled them on the fire and filtered the liquid to make washing soap. It made a smooth lather to wash with.

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Image of conkers

We ground the conkers to a fine powder to make washing soap for our dirty washing. WW2 washing was tough work.

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Image of Washing

Soap made from either ivy or conkers to find that washing in WW2 was really hard work.

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Image of Counting

Can you find 5 leaves all the same size and colour?

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Image of S'mores

Hot chocolate and s'mores on a damp afternoon.

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Image of Cafe

What's on the menu today?

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Forest ready

Image of Forest ready

Great listening to the sounds of the forest.

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Keeping Safe

Image of Keeping Safe

We can move huge logs carefully to keep us safe.

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Mud Cakes

Image of Mud Cakes

A special birthday cake expertly decorated.

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The Three Pigs

Image of The Three Pigs

Retelling the story with our own endings- which house is the strongest?

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Tool use

Image of Tool use

Great hand eye co ordination creating a fence.

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