Scavenger hunt

Image of Scavenger hunt

We had to find lots of new things that were growing.

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Pizza making

Image of Pizza making

We made pizza indoors and outside. They tasted delicious.

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Hide n seek

Image of Hide n seek

How many leaves do we need to hide our friends?

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Image of Sukkot

We built sukkah den and decorated them with beautiful flowers.

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Hammock building

Image of Hammock building

We managed to make a hammock that was safe.

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Image of Hammocks

We had a challenge to build our own hammock. Not sure we can sleep in it!

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Pizza tasting

Image of Pizza tasting

Wow look what we cooked!

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Pizza designs

Image of Pizza designs

We made our own pizza to cook in the forest.

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Draw knife work

Image of Draw knife work

We work carefully to make shapes with the shave horse.

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Den building

Image of Den building

Super team building .

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Great Fleetwood's Bake Off...

Image of Great Fleetwood's Bake Off...

The children have been mud mixing to make a cake for the queen.  We have been working as a team to make a plan and get the job done!

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Ladybird Homes!

Image of Ladybird Homes!

We have been using a 'bit and brace' to make holes in some wood ready for ladybirds to visit in the summer.

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