Please can you help?

We have run out of yoghurt pots, margering lids, foil lids and small plastic box modelling materials.

Please  begin collecting and send them into Ash Class.

Thank you

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Making 2

Image of Making 2

We have been making animals using playdough to put in Noah's ark.  We needed two of each type!

Roll, squish, pinch, prod and poke!

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oooo arrrrrr!!

Image of oooo arrrrrr!!

We have been using adjectives to describe our pirate story settings!

We thought our small world try was cold, crunchy, green, blue, scary, bumpy, funny, tickly....... and so much more!

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Noah's Ark

Image of Noah's Ark

We have been retelling the story of Noahs ark.  We have been adding the animals in 2s and practising our counting skills...... 2 4 6 8 10!

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Our new friends...

Image of Our new friends...

We have been talking to our new furry friends and they have been talking back to us!

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Buttons the Lion

Image of Buttons the Lion
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Buttons the Lion

Hello, my name is Buttons the Lion. I will be coming home with one of the children in Ash Class each week.

I can't wait to meet you.


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Our little class friends

Image of Our little class friends

Rosie and Sophie are our new class pets.

Rosie is a brown guinea pig and she is six months old.

Sophie is a white guinea pig and she is three years old.

We will be learning what they need and how to look after them.

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Information about EYFS Curriculum in Ash

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How can you help?

Please can parents send in one empty cordial bubble bath bottle with the label removed by Wednesday the 19th November, thank you.  We will be making rain gauges following instructions in our English (Communication and Language) lesson and ready for our Science (The world) lesson. We will be…

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Rememberance Day and Children in Need

Image of Rememberance Day and Children in Need

All the children in Ash Class made Pudsey ears and kept them on all day to raise money for Children in Need.




They also made Pudsey biscuits to to sell at the bake also to raise money.





For Rememberance Day, all the school children stood for a minutes…

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