I like the forest. I have been in this school since Pre-School and I remember when all the suits were to big for Tilly!

What I like about the forest now is that we get to build dens and climb trees and have s'mores (2 biscuits sandwiched together with marshmallows), toasted marshmallows and apples with cinnamon.

I like playing with the mud kitchen and making loads of sloppy mud Malteasers with Willow; squishing them to make a big, messy mud hill and then digging the mud up!

We made bow and arrows with string and sticks. We also built shelters around the trees and put the waterproof blanket on top. Willow, Tilly, Logan, Imogen and I played in our shelter.

I love the forest and Mrs Crompton - I have known her from being a tiny child and when I go to St. Aidan's, it's not going to be the same as I won't see her as much.

I will miss you Mrs Crompton!