I remember when everyone was so excited to have cooked apples with cinnamon and sugar. (Tilly)


I remember when we were den building and then me and Willow slipped in very wet mud. It had rained that day - we couldn't stop laughing! (Lexie)


I remember when I was in Pre-School, I got hit on the nose with a cup and on the very same day, I got burnt on the head with a very hot marshmallow by Annabelle. (Imogen)


In the forest I like: building dens, climbing trees, making cake, playing trust and blindfold games and making pencils. (Carlos)


The food I like in Forest School is: marshmallows, brioche, pizza, hot chocolate, warm vimto, apple, cinnamon and sugar. (Willow)


I have enjoyed building dens and making bow and arrows. My favourite part of the forest is when we light the fire. We have cooked many things on the fire: chocolate bread, marshmallows, apples with sugar and cinnamon. (Logan)


Every time we go in the forest, we always do fun things like building dens, toasting marshmallows, tree climbing and we even cook pizza on the fire. (Hannah)


Ever since Pre-School, I have always enjoyed the forest sessions at our school. We make shelters where we have to work as a team using rope, pegs and tarpaulin. (Jack)


I love forest, it's the best thing about this school. I have so many memories and I've had so much fun with friends - forest is amazing! (Lewis)


One of the funniest times in forest was when I was swinging on our custom made swing and I was quite high. Then I fell right off - I was not hurt at all - it was very funny! (Joe)