Forest School

I have enjoyed sitting around the fire pit eating delicious marshmallows. Each week, we have different foods and I enjoy all of them.

If we want sticks or wood cutting, we ask to get a saw. You need two people to do this (and gloves for safety) then you put the wood on a base that another class made a few years ago and both of you go back and forth with the saw to work together to cut the log or stick.

I have really enjoyed building dens with my friends and having competitions to see which group's is the best. In the forest we can do loads of things that children in other schools perhaps wouldn't be able to do.

We are able to do whittling (with gloves) and once we have made our stick, we can use it to toast things on the fire, We kneel down to toast our marshmallows and wait until it has a tiny bit of brown on the outside, then it is all melted on the inside.

We learn a lot in the forest and I have tried combinations of foods that I would never have thought of trying, like apples and sugar or cinnamon. We melt them and the sugar sticks to the apples. I also did this at home on the barbecue and it tasted really nice.

What is special about the forest is we learn skills other children wouldn't at our age. We work together and we keep safe during dangerous tasks. To stay safe we remind each other of the rules every session and wear gloves to protect our fingers whilst sawing and whittling. My sister made a pencil during her time in the forest and I made a figure from a Roald Dahl book. We also made necklaces out of string and bamboo.