What is the best thing about Montgomery?

The best thing about Montgomery is the sports because they have a large sports field and they do activities like badminton and tennis with actual courts in the sports hall

What was your greatest wish /fear about moving up to high school?

My greatest wish was that we didn’t get lots of homework and my biggest fear was that we would get loads of detentions

Was it hard to find my way around school?

Yes, it was because the school had 1,300+ students and the rooms are far away from each other

Do you get homework?

Yes, but not too much to get you bored

Are year 11 students scary?

No not at all they just act like they are

Have you joined any clubs/activities at Montgomery?

Yes, many because they have all sorts of different activities

Describe the teachers in 3 words!

Tough, strategic and hardworking

What do you if you need help at school?

You just ask for help

What is your favourite subject and why?

My favourite subject is PE because the teacher will tell you the easiest way to throw, catch and kick a ball

What would your message to year 6 be?

My message to YR6 would be just have fun and don’t get scared about anything

by Jack Reilly (Year 7)