We have a lot to catch up on! The past few weeks have been so busy!
We have been practising lots of listening, listening to others and also identifying different sounds. We played sound bingo, where we listened carefully to different sounds and crossed them off our sheets when we heard them! We have also been using lots of musical instruments, incorporating them into our songs and our register!
We’ve enjoyed lots of play in the sand, water and mud kitchen areas, which have been enhanced depending on our topic that week.
We’ve developed bravery when climbing on the climbing frame, some of us are now able to balance independently and make it across wobbly bridges!
We have had some very exciting guests in our class, an arrival of caterpillars! The children have loved watching the caterpillars grow and eat their ‘caterpillar porridge’. The caterpillars have now made their way up to the top of the tub and we’ve observed them spin their cocoons! Hopefully we will have some beautiful butterflies emerging very soon!
We learnt all about fair trade last week, thinking about how far some of our food has to travel. We watched bananas and cocoa beans on their journey to our shelves and then finished off by making some yummy brownies! We made fair trade pictures using different items which are found far away and they were beautiful!
We practised our rolling in dance, thinking about how to perform the perfect pencil roll!
We’ve thought about pirates and made our own parrots for our shoulders!