This week, we have had a focus on The Big Bird Week, Energy Saving and a little bit of thought on Burns Night.

We have played a recycling game where we all had a bin each and had to find what went into it (thanks Bodhi!) and also set up our own recycling station to categorise junk into!

We thought about the number 4, searching for squares and rectangles in water, practising writing the number 4 and used 4 legged animals to print their 4 feet into sand!

We created bird nests, thinking about how we could make them camouflaged to be safe from predators, making them strong and sturdy to withstand the weather (especially this storm!) and soft inside to protect eggs and chicks.

We threw bean bags into a bucket, counting up to 4 and thinking about how many we managed to get in the bucket, how many we missed and whether we had still thrown 4!

We finished off the week by baking shortbread for Burns Night, thinking about the ingredients and then we got to decorate them with yummy icing!