This week, we have begun to look at height and length in our Maths learning. We have built towers with a differing amount of blocks with a set time to see who could make the tallest! We took turns jumping, starting at the same point and then measuring how long our jump was to see who could jump the furthest.
We made Mother’s Day wreaths with different coloured paper which looked absolutely beautiful and really showed how much the children care for their Mums!
We made red noses ready for Red Nose Day, by painting egg cups and decorating with glitter and googly eyes.
We made kindness cards for our friends (and even our teachers and the headteacher!), looked for frogs, harvested garlic for garlic bread and showed off our balancing skills.
Some of us even thought about what materials were magnetic by going round the outdoor area with a giant magnet!
We thought about the Commonwealth and made our very own Commonwealth flags, thinking about all the different countries and all the fantastic attributes these countries have.
We finished the week looking rather amazing for Crazy Hair Day in aid of Comic Relief! We had spiky hair to butterfly hair and each child looked brilliant. We were so excited though that we went onto the big playground to blow off some steam! We worked really hard to find the different numbers, shapes and colours on the ground!
Have a lovely weekend!