Our first week back!
We have continued thinking all about the number 5, thinking about how it looks and what different numbers make up the number 5! We used numicon to help us work out that the number 5 can be made up of lots of different numbers together!
We used number cards to tell us how many eyes to give a monster and even had a go at writing the number 5 with chalk before using magic paint to trace it so it disappeared!
We thought about the signs of spring, what animals or plants might be starting to make an appearance and made yummy chocolate nests!
We threw 5 beanbags into buckets and counted how many we got in/how many we missed, built tyre towers and had to save 5 fish from the dark blue water! (This may explain blue hands/blue splashes on faces!)
We used our brilliant outdoors to find different features on the ground, such as who can find a circle or who can find the number 5! We were amazing at this!
Hope you have a lovely and restful weekend after a busy week!