Love Laugh Learn in God's World



We see our school as one big family, with 119 members from Reception to Year 6. We also have a pre-school group who are closely linked to school. Our school motto is 'Love, Laugh, Learn in God's World' as for us - it is really important that our pupils enjoy coming to school and have fun whilst learning. Love permeates through everything we do. We teach our children to love themselves and each other and we also love the world God created.

We see each child's learning journey as unique and our aim is to find something that each one of our pupils can excel in whether it be sport, dance, music, maths or reading. We believe all our pupils deserve the chance to shine and so we provide as many opportunities as we can, above and beyond the curriculum to find activities and experiences that they will love. For a small school, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and are always looking for something new and exciting!


To sum up - Preesall Fleetwood’s Charity School is a unique school where children are encouraged to fulfil their hopes and aspirations both academically and spiritually. We provide an excellent education that gives children a love for learning within the context of a  nurturing, supportive Christian ethos.


Our Christian Vision Statement

You are the Light of the world. A school that stands upon a hill cannot be hidden. (Matthew 5:14 adapted)


This acrostic shows the values and qualities that our children feel our school stands for:

P – potential                       F - friendship                       C - caring

R – relationships                L – listening                        H - happy

E – emulation                     E – evolve                            A - active

E – encourage                    E – endeavour                     R - respect

S – spiritual                        T – tolerance                        I - individuality

A – academic                     W – worship                         T - teamwork

L – loving                            O – opportunities                Y – young (minds)

L – learning                        O – originality                    

                                             D – devotion 

                                             'S - Shine

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